We facilitate Parent Partnerships

We understand the importance of maintaining a strong with relationships with parents and carers so that’s why we work together and ensure every child have the best start in life and reach their full potential before going to primary school.

Here’s How


Starting a nursery can be an emotional time for the parents and children so we want to make sure we help with the process. Before officially starting the nursery we have two free settling in sessions. First session we invite the parents in with the child for a play and stay for an hour. The second session is for the child to come in for an hour to get used to the surrounding by their self.

Parents Evening

We invite parents to come and meet their Childs key person and is  great opportunity to discuss the early years development of each child. Parents evening is a couple times a year so the progress can be tracked well.

Communications books and profiles

At the end of each session a communication book will be sent home with the child and will outline the Childs activities and progress that day.

Each child will have their own profile that outlines continuous observations, activities and learning developments.

Getting Involved

Parent’s show and tell

We invite parents to participate in show and tell when we are discussing a particular topic. These include talking about a particular talent/subject, playing a music instrument, reading a story in another language, baking foods… the list is endless.

Play and stay

Throughout the year we have play and stay weeks. We invite parents to come in for an hour and play with us.

Sports Day

Each Year we host sports day for the children to participate in. There are various stations that the children make their way around throughout the day. Some of the events include egg and spoon, sack race and many more. We hold out at a local park and ask parents to come and watch and join in on the fun. There is also a parent’s race and as expected it gets a little competitive but in a friendly way of course.


We want to celebrate the children achievements and give them a big send off before starting ‘big school’ and that’s why we have a big graduation party. The children perform a dance to their parents which they have been rehearsing in the nursery. The children then get dressed up in their cap and gowns and are awarded a certificate by their teacher which outlines what they will be reminded for. It’s a great a few hours and the children and parents really enjoy this celebration.

Christmas Party

For over 15 years we have been holding annual Christmas parties. Children, families and staff come along to celebrate the festive season. We have an children’s entertainer, buffet and father Christmas also makes an appearance. The children also perform some of the songs they have been learning in the nursery. It’s a fantastic party and everyone has a great day mixing with each other.

Winter Wonderland at the Woods

Festive Family favourite for the children to show their parents what they have been getting up to on forest school. The children and the parents work together to  help find the presents. We all then sit around the camp fire, singing festive songs, sipping on hot chocolate and eating toasted marsh mellows.

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