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Organic Farming

Our children visit local farms on a regular basis so that they become familiar with the full food cycle. We hatch the eggs in the nursery, then follow the chickens throughout their life on the farm. Activities are planned in the nursery to encourage the children to think sensitively about the environment that we live in.

Nursery allotment

The nursery is 100% organic and is accredited by the soil association. We have our own nursery allotment which the children visit with the chef and key workers so they can learn more about organic farming. The children love to get involved with the seed sewing, digging and watching the fruit and vegetables grow. It can be a messy job but the real mess happens in the kitchen when they are helping the chef cook up the home-grown fruit and vegetables. Carrot cake goes down especially well.

Wildlife Place and the Zoo

We are working in partnership with wildlife place and have strong links with the Bristol Zoo also. The children regularly visit the animals and they love to see them and are taught about where the animals originate from and what they eat.

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