The tadpoles have been very interested in train tracks this month, they have beendeveloping their fine motor skills by fitting pieces of track together. The tadpoles have been going on forest school and are gaining confidence with the outdoors. The children have been reading lot’s of books and playing ‘libraries’ ready for world book day. The tadpoles have still been using their tools to fix things and have been talking about people who help us like policemen and firemen. The children have been matching items and doing lots of counting.

Sports Relief!

Please help us to raise money for sports relief by wearing a wooly jumper on the 21st of march and enter a competition to win a timmy time sheep! There is an optional donation for the dress up day and it is a £2 donation for the competition.


The frogs have been planting vegetables in our allotment this month, they have been planting seeds and put up a scarecrow to keep the birds away from the allotment. The childrenhave been looking after the birds by making them bird feeders in the main garden, we made these out of fruit and paper plates. The frogs have been getting stuck into forest school and are getting moreconfident with their sessions, the children have been playing the‘1,2,3 come and find me’ game and have been helping each other to Balance on planks to pass from tyre to tyre.


The butterflies have been enjoying lots of stories this month. They have especially enjoyed goldilocks and the three bears so we did lot’s of activities around this such as making our own porridge, filling and emptying different sized bowls, and feeding our teddies in a teddy bears picnic. The butterflies have been role playing in the cafe again this month and have been sharing food at the table and mixing in bowls with spoons.

Forthcoming Events

Parents Information Evening 4th March

Diddy Dance performance (pre-school) 3rd of April

Play and Stay 10th March

Grandparents and dads day TBC

Parenting workshop 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd May 9.30-11.30

Cook-a-book 23rd and 30th April, 7th and 14th May 9.30-11.30

 Photo day Thursday 15th May

Parents Week 9th- 13th June Butterflies and frogs 16th– 20th June Tadpoles