Stockwood January 2014 Abbeywood tots newsletter


The tadpoles have been very interested in transport, they have been drawing their own transport pictures and running them through different textures to see the marks they make. The tadpoles are celebrating Chinese New Year by talking about dragons and using lots of creative materials to make a dragon of their own! The children have been doing lots of role play, there has been alot of cooking going on in the tadpoles’ cafe!

Family Photo’s

The children like to talk about their families when they are at nursery. Please could we ask you to email us some photosof you and your family, pets, or favourite places to go to,


The frogs have been busy talking about the weather this month. The children looked at images of flooding and storms, and made predictions about what they thought the weather would be like the next day. The children made their own cloud puppets to use in the wind and took them outside to see how windy it was. The children have been looking at Chinese New Year this weekthey have been making fortune cookies, Chinese dragons, red letters for good luck and watching video’s about the dragon dance that is done during Chinese New Year. We have been asking parents to bring in ingredients for a stir-fry that we will be making with the children.


The butterflies have been celebrating Chinese New Year this month. The babies went to horse world to see the all of the horses as it is the year of the horse! The butterflies have been learning all about each other, looking at pictures of themselves and each other with their families and pets. The babies have loved their diddy dance sessions this month. The butterflies have been getting very good at problem solving too!

Forthcoming events

Parents Information Evening TBC

Play and Stay TBC

Grandparents and dads day TBC

Parenting workshop TBC

Cook-a-book TBC

Photo day 15th May

Parents Week February (March 10th-14th for tadpoles)