The sun has started shining and the evenings have started getting lighter – at Abbeywood Tots we think it’s safe to say that spring has officially sprung! Over the last few months the staff and children from our nurseries in Filton, King Street, Knowle, Station Road and Stockwood have been having lots of fun getting hands on with nature, and in our latest blog we thought it would be the perfect time to look back at what they’ve been up to!


Preschool learnt about new life, and enjoyed planting sunflowers, lettuce, radishes and cress, as well as observing how they grow by drawing and painting pictures.

King Street

The Frogs and Tadpoles had a great time at this term’s zoological school, where they learnt about mini-beasts, creatures that live under the sea and different habitats.


The Butterflies began to notice that spring has arrived when they explored the nature garden and saw some daffodils!

Station Road

The babies enjoyed visiting our allotment and seeing the different plants and vegetables that we are growing.


The Tadpoles have explored lots of herbs, flowers and gardening tools in their play, helping them to develop some very green fingers!
If after reading about what the Abbeywood Tots gang have been up over the last few months you feel inspired to get out over the weekend with your little ones and explore the great outdoors for yourself this spring, we’ve put together a couple of suggestions for some nature-themed activities that we think the whole family will love!

Create a bug B&B

This is the perfect way to introduce your kids to the creepy crawlies that live in your garden! To get started you just need a clean, empty ice cream tub that has three or four small openings cut around the top, and a small plastic cup. Place some small bits of fruit in the cup and bury it in a flower bed so that only the opening is visible, then place the tub over the top of it. Leave it overnight and we’re sure your little ones will be excited to check in the morning to see if any bugs have paid a visit – just make sure they place them back in the garden when they’re done!

Go pond dipping

If you are lucky enough to have your own pond at home, or you live near a stream or river, this activity is perfect for helping your children learn about the wildlife that calls water its home! All you need is a net (Easy guide on how to make a pond) and a tray filled with water where you can place any creatures that you catch – this will give you the chance to have a closer look before you carefully put them back!

For more great ideas to get your children excited about nature this spring, visit the Woodland Trust’s website

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