Frogs (3yrs+)

The children had great fun during our recent eco week! They enjoyed sorting out different recyclables and then getting creative and making them in to various different things! We are always making different things in pre-school so please be sure to bring in any boxes or tubes for our creative area!

We are planning on making our own petrol station soon with our current interest in transport – we might even add on a car wash and garage!

We are really missing all our friends that are on summer holidays – they will be back on the 8th September – along with a couple of new faces – we are very excited!

Tiddlies and Tadpoles

We have both tiddlies and tadpoles together most of the time this August as lots of our friends are off for the holidays! We can’t wait to have them back in September along with lots of new children that we have got starting!

We recently went on a pirate adventure to the park and have also had a trip to the zoo and to the local police station – we have been very busy!! We have also really enjoyed the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and have been building houses out of different materials to see how strong they are when we try to blow them down and acting out the story!

Dates for the Diary!!

Diddy dance sessions will be running on a Thursday 1.30pm for preschool and 2.00pm for 2-3’s and Babies.

  • ECO Warriors! We invite parents to come and join us on the first Wednesday of every month for a session where we will be sharing ideas and activities to do with being ECO friendly! The next session is Wednesday 3rd September.
  • Family Information afternoon – We are going to be joined by some of the staff from the Illminster family support team on Friday 26th September at 1pm – please feel free to pop in for a chat and a coffee to see what they have offer to support you.
  • Parent’s week – this is a chance for you to make an appointment with your child’s key worker to look at their progress. Week commencing 13th October. Check your child’s room door for time slots
  • Stay ‘n’ Play – we invite parents to join us for an hour session to see what goes on in nursery. Week commencing 10th November Bank Holidays we are closed on Monday 25th August
  • Summer Holidays for grant only children and term time only children we break up on the 22nd July and are back on the 8th September

For more information on any of the forthcoming events please speak to Kate or a member of the team.

Butterflies (Under 2’s)

We have been focusing a lot on transport in the baby room recently, we made our very own model aeroplane with boxes! We loved taking the diggers out in the mud and making tracks in the playdough with the cars.

We are looking forward to our trip to the farm! We have been making our own small world farm using straw, twigs and mud.

Notes from Emma and Cherise;

Could all parents please support us in creating a new display for the children by bringing in pictures of family members and your pets.


FROGS (3yrs+)

Week beginning 2nd August

This week in Preschool we have been focusing on Recycling and being eco friendly! We talked with children about what different packaging is made of, exploring cardboard, plastic, tins and other items and talked about where our rubbish goes and what happens to it once it has gone to the recycling bank.

Our Preschool parents got involved in this topic by sorting through their recycling at home with their children and bringing it into Nursery for us to re-use!

We then sorted through all of our recycling at Nursery, putting it into different storage boxes in our ‘recycling bank’ in the Preschool room, ready for us to re-use! We then used our recycling to get creative, making musical instruments for the Nursery and various types of transport as this is something else that Preschool have been showing lots of interest in.


Week beginning 18th August

This week in Preschool we have been focusing on Music from Around the World as we have been showing lots of interest in singing, dancing and using musical instruments. We started off by playing instruments behind a screen, listening carefully to identify each instrument.

We selected materials to make our own instruments throughout the week – we made rain makers, recycling old tubes and filling them with rice and seeds. Some children enjoyed using the rainmakers so much that they took them home and played them with their parents which their families loved!

We listened to music from different countries, such as African music, Bhangra and Salsa, identifying the different instruments that we could hear and playing our instruments alongside the music, exploring how rhythm and sound can be changed!

We also had a great surprise this week as we had some visitors to the Nursery: Mickey and Minnie Mouse! All of the children were VERY excited to see them – we had our photos taken with them and then children became very interested in the Fantasia story ‘The Sorcerer’s Apprentice’ which then led to us listening to the music from Fantasia and identifying instruments and playing along.