At Abbeywood Tots we really enjoyed celebrating May Day with the children, and would like to thank everyone that came along to our special dance on 2nd May – we hope that you had as much fun as we did with the colourful scarves and ribbons!

Now that we are well into spring and summer is just around the corner, we thought it would be the perfect time to look back and see what the staff and children from our nurseries in Filton, King Street, Stockwood, Knowle and Station Road have been up to over the last few weeks – read on to find out about all of the fun they’ve had cooking, getting creative and developing some green fingers during May!


At Cooking Club the children made some delicious chocolate rice crispy cakes! They measured out their own rice crispies and then learnt how to melt chocolate in the microwave, before mixing the ingredients together and spooning into paper cases – yummy!

King Street

The Caterpillars and Butterflies have been dancing along to lots of different types of music this month. The babies in particular enjoyed expressing themselves through clapping and physical movement, and it was great to see them having so much fun!


The babies have been busy planting some sunflower seeds in our garden. They have really enjoyed watering them and watching them grow bigger and bigger – we can’t wait until they grow into big sunflowers which will make our garden look really pretty!

Station Road

This month the Frogs have shown a great interest in drawing. They spent some time outside in the garden and at the allotment, where they had the opportunity to draw pictures of the different plants and objects that they saw, with very impressive results!


Our preschool group were lucky enough to take part in a yoga session that was run by one of our parents. During the class the children learned moves such as upward and downward dog and warrior pose, and it was safe to say that they found it much easier than the staff did!

If after reading this blog post you feel inspired to get creative with your little ones over the month ahead, here’s a couple of ideas for activities which we think the whole family will love this June!

Simple fudge recipe

Did you know that Friday 16th June is National Fudge Day? To celebrate this deliciously sweet treat, we think it’s the perfect opportunity for you to make your own chocolate-flavoured version at home – all you need is three ingredients! For a simple recipe that uses sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chips and vanilla extract and best of all the fudge will be ready to eat in just over an hour!

Time for tennis

The world famous Wimbledon Championships will be taking place at the end of the month, and if you fancy getting into the spirit of the tournament with your children at home then why not encourage them to get crafty? For example, they could make a really easy paper plate racket like the one we used and use some scrunched up paper for tennis balls – meaning they can give tennis a go even if it’s raining outside!