Abbeywood Tots Local Offer

As from September 2014 new reforms were set for settings to produce a local offer. Children will receive SEND support a graduated approach to identifying and meeting any educational needs that the child might have.

How will Abbeywood Tots know if a child needs help?

We will monitor each child through a series of observations in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage. Where a child appears to not be making progress then it may be necessary to use a different approach to learning. Difficulties that are ongoing may indicate the need for a level of support that is above what the setting can normally provide.

Each child will be provided with a key person and an individualised record of their development. Regular observations will be shared with parents and carers. When a possible concern has been identified the key person will liaise with the setting SENCO and the parents carers. A support plan will be put in place and tracked to see how the child is developing and what support will be needed if any in the future.

The observations will be key in identifying where early intervention may be required and this will be shared with parents and carers, health visitors and any other person who are required to give additional support.

What is Abbeywood Tots approach to supporting different children’s needs and how will that help my child?

Each of our settings will have a SENCO who will support the key person, the child, and their families to ensure the individual needs are met. We have a set of policies and procedures in place that will ensure that the resources and the environments are suitable and accessible to all children.

The SENCO will work with the key person to ensure that the learning is differentiated to meet the needs of all children. The key person  and with the parents or carers will provide an individual support plan for the child based around their strengths and set achievable targets for the child to meet.

The SENCO will liaise with other professionals such as inclusions, speech and language therapists and health visitors to gain further advice and support to meet the child’s individual needs. The support will be updated and regularly reviewed by the key person and the SENCO and with support of parents and carers.

How accessible is the environment?

If the family has English as additional language we will encourage you to share key words with the setting so that we can share the experience. Within our planning we ensure language support is available to support children with English as an additional language.

We have designed our nurseries to try and be accessible as possible however some of our nurseries do have stairs, and would then require a child to either walk or crawl up the stairs. We do have disabled toilets in some of our settings. We would consider the planning of the learning to enable as much access as possible for all children in our care.

Abbeywood Tots will take reasonable steps to adapt the provision if necessary.

How do I know if my child will need extra help?

We will monitor and observe your child. Through a serous of formative observations we will address any concerns that we have  with the parents and carers. We will then form a plan that will enhance the child’s learning and development within  Abbeywood tots.

How do you identify children with SEND?

Through observations children can be identified as not reaching their full potential therefore needing extra support within the setting. With discussion with parents plans will be put into place to discuss targets and also the children will learn and develop in their own time and have an individualised approach to learning.

How will I raise any concerns that I may have?

You will be welcome to come into see your child’s Keyworker or the SENCO at any time to discuss any concerns that you might have about your child’s development. This can then be put into a plan to then take your child further and enhance their development.

How will staff at Abbeywood Tots support my child and oversee and plan the education that my child will participate in?

All children who have been recognised as having a need will have a plan that will support them in their development and help them to move on in their learning. Staff will plan a series of activities so that children are able to reach their own specific targets and all activities will help children reach these targets. All the education and support plans supported by a senior manager to ensure this is of the highest quality and that the education is meeting the needs of all the children.

Who else will be involved with my child and what will their role be?

The team at Abbeywood Tots will wherever possible will gain advice from other agencies such as Speech and Language, Behaviour Support and the Local Children’s Centre. This can all be done with your consent. The SENCO at Abbeywood Tots will liaise with the parents and carers and also the other outside agencies. Everyone will be kept fully updated and plans will be decided between all the people that are involved.

How will I know if my child is progressing?

The support plans will show how your child is progressing, and monitor the next steps for your child. Parents and Carers will be informed of any new support plans that are put into place and are welcome to come into the nursery to discuss progression at any time. We will value the parent’s and carers input along with any other professionals to ensure the best outcome for the child.

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