We have been collecting food for the harvest festival and will be taking it to the local homeless shelter.

The 3-5 yrs have been reading ‘’Goldilocks & the three bears’’ so we decided to make porridge. We made hot, warm & cold porridge just like in the story. We then ate it all up.

2-3 yrs Role-play – We have had lots of fun role-playing different job roles and familiar scenarios.

Filling & emptying – The 0-2 yrs have enjoyed exploring textures & containers. It’s been lots of fun scooping the rice crispies into one pot then pouring it into another pot.

Up coming events at Abbeywood Tots (Coniston)

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  • Parents evening 2nd October 4pm-6pm
  • Grandparents day 18th October 10am-11am
  • Children’s Halloween party 25th October 9am-12pm
  • Play & stay week 4th November- 8th November
  • Parents week 12th November-15th November
  • Tulip Photography 18th November (Am & Pm sessions)
  • Children’s Christmas party @ Downend folk centre on
  • Saturday 7th December 10.30am – 12.30pm