The Tadpoles have been exploring scientific experiments. We have been scientists over the last few weeks exploring different reactions, watching our volcano explode, seeing how different solutions react to copper coins and lots more.

We will be focusing on Autumn colours, leaf printing and the harvest festival. We will be donating our harvest festival collection to the residential home and we are going to do a sing a long for them.

French time with Celine!

Celine has been focusing on teaching the children nursery rhymes in French. We have learnt Incey Wincey spider and listened to the story ‘The 3 little pigs’

Dance with Hannah

Hannah has been using musical instruments during her dance activities she has been busy with all age groups 0-5 years exploring multicultural music.

The Frogs have said goodbye to lots of their friends this month but met lots of new friends too. They have been taking part in Forest school with our forest school leader Leah.

They will be exploring the outdoors, making dens and at the end making a camp fire to toast our marshmallows. Whilst inside the nursery the Frogs have been taking part in extending on the scientific experiments from the past couple of weeks learning why these things happen.

The babies enjoyed their trip to the Wildplace we walked through the enclosure with the baby lemur and followed the bare foot trail. We have been learning different Makaton signs which are used daily at nursery to help the babies express themselves. We have also been looking at animals and the noises that they make using masks and puppets.

Forest school will now be running as we have some lovely woods which we can explore in. Forest school will be happening every Tuesday for periods of 5 weeks. All Preschool will get the opportunity to be part of the Forest school.