100% Organic Healthy Eating Nursery

Raising and setting the bar to other nurseries

We understand the importance of healthy eating so that’s why our nursery was the first nursery in the UK to be accredited by the soil association after becoming 100% organic and then later gaining the gold ‘food for life’ award in 2009 .  We still have the prestigious awards 8 years running.

The food is locally sourced, high quality, nutritionally balanced and of course prepared on the day on site. We are passionate about the meals being nutritious but also delicious and that’s why we are accredited by the soil association and enter into the gold ‘food for life’ every year.

“The Only Child Day Care Facility in the UK to be Accredited as 100% Organic for its catering and producing by the Soil Association”

The Importance of healthy eating

Abbeywood Tots recognise the significances of children healthy Eating as it affects the children’s mood, behaviour, growth, even their ability to concentrate.

Good nutrition is vital to a child’s health from building strong bones and teeth to the healthy development of internal organs and general development growth.

Educating the children

The best way to educate children on healthy eating is by knowledge and practical fun. Children regularly participate cooking with the chefs and visiting the nursery allotment to gain a better understanding of healthy eating options. It’s exciting, messy and the best bit is trying the food at the end.

On a termly basis we get eggs from the farm and we incubate them in the nursery. Over the course of hatching period – the children get to learn and watch the chicks hatching from the eggs.

We then take a trip to the farm to give them back to the farmer.

Example Menu 100% Organic

Mid-morning Snack:
Fresh fruit with Vegetable sticks and home made organic waffles

Roasted vegetable lasagne

Apple Cake

Afternoon Snack:
Selection of fresh fruit and vegetables

Afternoon Tea:
Pasta salad

Fresh Fruit.