Tadpoles have been looking at frogs and their habitats, we had a frog come to visit us in the garden and we have been taking care of it.

The tadpoles have been reading the book ‘the big wide mouthed frog’ and have been looking at the things a frog needs to live. The tadpoles have shown a lot of interest in the role play area preparing and cooking food, if you have any photographs of your family doing any housework or cooking please bring them in so they can see them as they pretend to do the cooking, cleaning etc.

The Frogs have been doing lots of cooking; they have made cakes and jelly. The frogs have been finding natural resources in the garden to make a natural collage, and they have been using the dressing up clothes to do some group make believe play.

Babies – The butterflies have been exploring how items fit within another by looking at balloons filled with air, water, and rice. We are also talking about hot air balloons and looking at pictures of them as the children have shown an interest in spotting them in the sky.