Our Day Care Aims

  • To provide high quality pre-school nursery education for children.
  • To create a safe, caring and stimulating environment where each child can develop to their full potential, whilst becoming independent and active learners.
  • To provide clear boundaries in terms of acceptable behaviour, develop children’s moral understanding and use encouragement and praise as rewards for good behaviour.
  • To build each child’s self-esteem together with mutual care and respect for others.
  • Value each child as an individual with its own needs and personality.
  • To encourage a positive attitude with respect towards race, religions, gender and disabilities within the nursery environment by practising our equal opportunities policy.
  • To be fair and understanding employers.
  • Abbeywood Tots

“Celebrating individuality, working alongside parents and providing high quality child care!”

Our Nursery Standards

Safe and Secure nursery

A safe, secure environment is of great importance to any parent leaving their child in a Nursery setting. Which is why all our Nurseries have CCTV and electronic access control.

Our Admissions policy is meticulous and at the time of booking your child’s place you will be asked to complete an ‘Authorised Persons to Collect your child’ form and only these people will be allowed to collect your child. Your child will be signed in on the register each time they attend Nursery and signed out when they are collected. We will also ask you for a password and will not let anyone take your child without the password.

Any visitors or contractors must produce a form of ID before they gain access to the Nursery and they are required to sign a visitors/contractors book; which is monitored regularly to ensure that relevant procedures are being followed

Health and Safety

We ensure that our Nursery provides a safe environment for all children, parents and staff. Our in house procedures and practices are monitored on a regular basis to ensure compliance. Our Nursery staff receive regular training and updates on Health and Safety issues and each Nursery has a Health and Safety Co-ordinator who is responsible for all issues within their Nursery. Daily risk assessment are also carried out to ensure optimum safety for your child


All our sites have a good or outstanding in their QUIFF from the local authority. A Quiff is a quality insurance framework awarded by the Local authority to ensure we are in line with all statutory frameworks.


We recycle and re-use materials wherever possible. All our nursery children are encouraged to recycle and are actively taught the reasons for this.

We have also set up the ECO warriors group with children to encourage them to think about how they recycle and make fantastic sculptures and musical instruments with the recyclable materials.

Each nursery has an enclosed bicycle store to encourage parents to cycle rather than using a car.

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