Learning at Abbeywood Tots has been made to help your child progress, gain confidence and improve in all areas of their social skills.

Abbeywood Tots and The Bristol Standard


Abbeywood Tots and the Bristol Standard The Bristol Standard is a self-evaluation framework which helps early year’s settings to develop and improve the quality and effectiveness of their provision through a cycle of reflection. The Bristol Standard gives you a framework for improving on your previous best while acknowledging what we, already do well. Abbeywood Tots hold team discussions where the strength of each setting is celebrated and future priorities become clear. This enables practitioners to talk more knowledgeable about what they do and why they do it and the difference it makes for children and families. The Bristol Standard is recognised as an outstanding accreditation full of self-improvement through ten dimensions to evaluate one at a time in a manageable focused way. The Dimension includes Leadership and management, aims and values and how well we deliver the EYFS. All of Abbeywood Tots Day Nurseries take part in the Bristol Standard evaluation accreditation scheme.

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Abbeywood in Filton experiment with food and dance…and French


The Tadpoles have been exploring scientific experiments. We have been scientists over the last few weeks exploring different reactions, watching our volcano explode, seeing how different solutions react to copper coins and lots more.

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