Stockwood Nursery

The frogs have been welcoming some new friends by learning about each other using ‘all about me’ sheets from home. The frogs have been exploring all of the new areas in pre-school as well as exploring resources in our tuff spot trays such as creating and following patterns in peg boards, exploring textures of flowers and emptying and filling coloured rice using measuring spoons in our ‘funky fingers’ area.

Welcome new starters

We are welcoming some new children this term. Please bring in any family photos that may help to settle your child. This can also help the children to learn about each other and the similarities and differences in their lives.

Our trip to the local library

We visited our local library and enjoyed reading and leafing through the different kinds of books. We met the librarians and people from the local community.

What’s been happening

The new tadpoles have been settling in well, the children have been having increased small group times with key people to help develop social, emotional and communication skills. The tadpoles have been investigating what happens when we add water to skittles, noticing changes in colour and shape. The tadpoles have been talking about their summer and have created a ‘seaside’ area where they can make sandcastles and explore shells and rocks.

The butterflies have been enjoying the story of ‘the gruffalo’, mostly the animals which has led to a fascination with ‘dear zoo’ and farm animals. The babies went on a trip to the zoo and met lots of baby animals. The butterflies have been exploring the mud kitchen and allotment too.

Forthcoming Events at Stockwood nursery


  • Parents network meeting – 19th September from 6.30pm
  • Cook-a-book course – 22nd, 29th September and 6th and 13th October 2pm
  • MacMillan coffee morning – 30th September 9-10am


  • Favourite animal dress up day – 12th October
  • Halloween dress up day – 31st October


  • Play and stay sessions – 7th-11th November 10-11am or 2-3pm
  • Photo day and evening – 15th November
  • Parents and carers week (meetings) – 21st-25th Nov


  • Children’s Christmas party – 10th December 10.30-12.30pm
  • Winter wonderland – 12th December 10-12pm
  • Christmas decorations stay and play – 13th December 2-5pm
  • Christmas dinners and jumper day – 14th December


Knowle Nursery

In preschool we have had a few new friends starting this month and would also like to welcome back our children who have been on summer holiday. We have been focusing on getting to know each other and talking about our likes and dislikes, where we live and who we live with. We drew self portraits, talking about our hair/eye colour and how we look similar and different.

We have enjoyed welcoming our new friends into the tadpole room. We have been playing group games to help the children to build friendships.

‘Wow’ moments

We are really interested to know what you are doing outside of nursery.

Please email of any photos so we can talk about them during our group times and to display.

What’s been happening

The babies have been very busy this month. We have been focusing on Autumn We have been painting using leafs as tools. We went on a local walk collecting pinecones which we all loved getting out and about in the community.

We have also been collecting apples from the apple tree to use to make apple crumble. We got very messy but had lots of fun exploring the different textures of the ingrendence.

Forthcoming Events at Knowle nursery

  • Parent’s information evening 27th September.
  • Dress up as your favourite animal to raise money for cancer research 12th October.
  • Halloween party 31st October
  • Play and stay sessions 7th-11th November.
  • Photo day and evening Monday 14th November
  • Parents and carers week starting 21st November
  • Pre school Christmas play 6th + 14thDecember
  • Tadpoles Christmas singalong 7th + 8th December
  • Children’s Christmas party Saturday 10th December
  • Christmas decoration workshop Tuesday 13th December
  • Babies Christmas sing along 14th December
  • Christmas dinner day Wednesday 14th December


Filton Nursery


Have been focusing on occupations since we were talking about “what we want to do when we grow up?” we have had the police, fire fighters, nurses, engineers, dietician, teachers, support workers all come in and explain their jobs to us

Thank you to all the parents and carers who helped and supported this amazing learning opportunity for our preschool.

What’s been happening

The younger babies have been learning about self-care they have been brushing there teeth after all meals and snacks

The toddlers have been doing Olympic based activities, focusing on physical development in a range of different ways.

Tadpoles have been learning to write shopping lists for Kris in the kitchen for our cooking club! They have been using a range of different mark making materials and exploring with these in different areas of the nursery.

This week we made biscuits in the kitchen then later with iced our names on the top at ate them at tea time.

The summer holiday club have been busy with Annie, they made tie dye t-shirts, baked in the kitchen, been on trips to the Zoo, Wild place and the Cinema to watch BFG, did some building with George, planted new winter vegetables at the allotment and much more…

If you would like to book your child in to holiday club for the October half term please get in touch now places are filling up fast

Forthcoming Events at Filton nursery

  • 5th September – new term
  • 20th September – information evening
  • 12th October – dress up as Animals day
  • 31st October – Halloween party
  • 7th – 11th November – Play and stay week
  • 16th November – photo day
  • 21st – 25th November – Parents week
  • 10th December children’s Christmas party
  • 13th December – Parents and carers Christmas decoration class
  • 14th December – Christmas dinner day
  • 16th December – term ends

Station Road Nursery

We would like to say welcome back to all our children that were away of the summer! We hope you had a good holiday. We would like to remind all parents that if there are any changes with you details please could you let your Childs key worker know. Thank you.

This month the butterflies have been learning ‘all about me.’ The children have created self portraits, looked into mirrors, bought in family photos and made hand prints.

The butterflies have also been learning all about being creative and have been getting very messy! The Children have enjoyed exploring shaving foam, paint, glitter and mud!

This month the tadpoles have been learning all about numbers. We have been learning to count to 10 using objects such a building blocks and puzzles. We’ve also been on a number hunt and found hidden numbers around the nursery. This month we are also learning all about keeping active! We have been learning about different ways that keep us moving, such as kicking a ball, dancing to music by using ribbons and instruments, going on walks, exploring our allotment by digging in the soil ready to plant flowers and vegetables. What do you do at home to keep active? –Send in pictures of you staying active so we can add it to our board!

This month the frogs have been learning all about the smartest giant in down. We have had lots of fun acting the story out together and have made our very own ties like the giant. We have learnt all about friendship and how important it is to look after each other. We have also made pictures of our houses and talked about how they are different or the same to our friends.

The Frogs have also enjoyed going to the allotment, to help maintain the vegetables and flowers that grow! They also use the magnifying glasses to look at bugs and see where they live!

Forthcoming Events at Station Road nursery

  • Winter Wonderland 14th December 10am-12pm
  • Children’s Christmas party 10th December 10:30:12:30pm
  • Christmas Decorations Day 13th December 2pm-5pm.
  • Christmas Dinner Day 14th December – Wear your Christmas Jumpers.


King Street Nursery

This month the frogs have been focusing lots on making friendships and discussing feelings! We have been discussing and taking part in activities around what makes us happy and sad. We’ve also been working on developing our fine motor skills to help develop our writing skills. We had lots of fun putting numbers in order in the garden and taking parts in lots of activities to help with our speech and language! Parachute games are our favourite

This month the babies have been exploring their senses by doing fruit tasting!

They have also been very busy exloring different textures such as rice in water, paint, shaving foam and gloop! The babies are especially been enjoying physical activities at the moment such as climbing! Lots of us are beginning to walk which is an amazing achievement

This month the tadpoles have been taking part in activities around construction! The children loved pretending to be builders, making their own towers (then knocking them over of course!)

We have also had a week around ‘teambuilding’. We have been really enjoying welcoming our new friends to our nursery! We have enjoyed working together to complete puzzles.

Forest School

Some of the tadpoles have now started their amazing, forest school experience! During their first visit the children got very messy digging and exploring in the mud kitchen.

Play and Stay Week

Please note that we will be hosting a brilliant opportunity for parents/carers to come and spend time in nursery with their children! This is going to be the week commencing Monday 7th November and a signup sheet will be put up nearer the time so please look out for this.

This gives parents and carers the chance to get involved in the fun activities here at Abbeywood Tots, King Street.

Parents Week

During the week commencing Monday 7th November, we also have the chance for parent’s to come and look through their children’s learning diaries with their key person/room leader. You will have the opportunity to discuss their progress, share any information from home and contribute towards their new targets!

Forthcoming Events at King Street nursery

  • 12th October- Animal dress up day
  • 31st October – Halloween party
  • 7th – 11th November – Play and stay week
  • 18th November – Photo day
  • 21st – 25th November – Parents week
  • 10th December children’s Christmas party