Stockwood pre-school children explored an ambulance today that one of our parents brought in to show us! The children sat inside the ambulance and looked at the special seatbelt that is used when someone is poorly and lying on the bed. Some of the children said that if you hear the siren it means someone’s in trouble and needs help. The children watched the blue lights flash and we even got to hear the siren for a short while! The children took it in turns to sit at the front of the ambulance and even sat in the driver’s seat pressing the button to make the lights flash on and off.

The pre-school children at Stockwood were extremely excited when they noticed that their tadpoles were becoming frogs! We noticed three very tiny frogs had appeared and we learned about how we need to separate the frogs and the tadpoles from one another into a different tank. The children noticed that they had grown legs and had larger eyes.

The tadpoles had the opportunity to meet a police officer from the local community today, the children liked looking at his uniform and exploring his police car!