Our new Bristol City Centre Nursery in King Street

As you may or may not be aware, Abbeywood Tots has a brand new nursery in Kings Street, Bristol which we have been busy in restoring and getting everything to the same quality as you would expect from an Abbeywood Tots Nursery.

Our new nursery in King Street

So what has been happening since we opened?


The preschool have been learning about ‘all about me’ we have added stories to our learning diaries, we have drawn pictures of ourselves and we have found out who lives in our houses. We also have had a brilliant time out on Queens Square playing with the parachute and practicing for our sports day.

Bees, Caterpillars and Butterflies

The baby floor have had a busy few weeks learning about animals, we have focused on animals during all our activities including messy play we have also learnt some new animal songs.


The Tadpoles have been learning about shapes, learning new names, and counting the sides of all the different shapes. We have done a range of activities such as sticking with different shapes and painting using the shape sponges.

Forest room

Our story for the week is Handa’s surprise we have tasted the different fruits from the story, learnt about different animals and the noises they make. We also drew and painted pictures of our favourite animals in the story.

Cooking club

The preschool and Tadpoles have had a busy month this month at cooking club, they have made cookies, bread and made some sandwiches for their friends for tea.

Forthcoming Events

27th June – 1st July – parent’s week, 5th July – Sports day, 11th July – Preschool prom and graduation, 22nd July – summer term ends, 22nd August – Onesie day, 5th September – new term, 28th September – information evening, 12th October – dress up like animals day.

There’s also been a lot happening at all of our other Nurseries!


Frogs (pre-school) – Pre -school have been princes and princesses they made their own castle area in their room and made their own crowns to wear. Pre-school acted out different fairytale stories they have enjoyed reading together. Pre-school are very excited that their seeds have grown into really big plants in their garden. They have made sure they have watered them every day.

Tadpoles (2yr olds) – We have been very interested in reading the story ‘Norman the slug with the silly shell’. We have been exploring the nature garden looking for snails and we also built them a little bug house in our nature garden together.

Butterflies (babies) – The babies have been interested in minibeasts and exploring around the garden with their magnifying glass to see what they can find.The babies also created some beautiful butterflies using paint. The babies also decorated their own hats to take home as they are always putting the dressing up hats and outfits on together.

Dates for the Diary!! Fancy dress Friday 10th June celebrating the queen’s birthday, Getting ready for school with Bev on June 22nd 5-6:00, Parent’s weeks starts 4th July 2016. Look out for sign-up sheet! Pre-school sports day Monday 4th July from 2:00, Graduation on Tuesday 12th July at 2:30.

Knowle nursery

Station Road

Pre-School – Frogs have been having a fantastic time exploring and engaging in sand and water play outside! This helps develop their learning on quantities and measurements! The frogs will also be learning all about the signs of summer this month! So fingers crossed for lots of sunshine! We will be making use of our fantastic allotment to see how are the plants are growing and changing.

Tadpoles – The tadpoles are taking lots of their activities to the allotment this summer. They are experiencing outdoor learning at the allotment. The tadpoles are learning where different types of food come from. They will also learn about their bodies, they will be finding out all the ways they can move by running, skipping, jumping and hopping. The tadpoles will be very busy so they will have a picnic snack at the allotment too.

Butterflies – Babies are learning about our families this month. They are looking at pictures of our family members and talking about them. The babies will also draw their families using lots of different resources. We would love it if you could bring in some of your family photos. We are also making fathers day cards for our daddies and grandads.

Abbeywood tots pre-school sports day – Monday 6th July From 10:30am at the wild place (BS8 3HA). There will be an entry fee to pay for parents as you enter the wild place.

Find out what


Frogs – The frogs have been little investigators through a fascination with the weather and the difference in colour of rainwater. The children went for a walk in the local area in the rain and collected water inside bottles. The children then compared the colour of the water from the rain and from the tap. The children also used pipettes to collect water from puddles in the garden.

Tadpoles – The tadpoles have been exploring their senses this month, we have been using our fingers, mouths and noses to explore scented water, rice, fruits and jellies. The children have been emptying and filling containers with hard coloured rice that makes a rainfall sound and have made their very own purple biscuits by mixing together ingredients.

Butterflies – The butterflies have been exploring natural resources this month, the children enjoyed helping at snack times so we made fruit kebabs using soft fruits and straws. The butterflies have been getting creative with paints and things found by our forest group on their trip such as twigs, leaves and stones. The children have been emptying and filling water in containers a lot in the garden and enjoy mixing water with soil.

Coming up – Play and Stay session – 13th-17th June, Parents week – 27th June – 1st July, Sports Day – 4th July, School leaver’s eve – 6th July, Graduation – 12th July 10.30amation, 22nd July – summer term ends, 22nd August – Onesie day, 5th September – new term, 20th September – information evening, 12th October – dress up as Animals day, 31st October – Halloween party, 7th – 11th November – Play and stay week, 16th November – photo day, 21st – 25th November – Parents week, 10th December children’s Christmas party

Whats been happening at Stockwood Nursery


Preschool – Have been focusing on the interest “around the world” they have been learning about Poland from our chef Kriz, Jamaica from our preschool practitioner Nikitta and India from our baby floor practitioner Shaveta, they all brought in things from home for us to look at we tried some new food and learnt to say hello and goodbye in a different language.

Bees, Caterpillars and Butterflies – The babies have been making the most of the lovely weather we have been doing all their activities in the garden. The toddlers have been focusing on mark marking in different ways; they have been mark making with a range of different materials and in all the different areas of the nursery.

Tadpoles – The Tadpoles have been learning about shapes, learning new names, and counting the sides of all the different shapes. We have done a range of activities such as sticking with different shapes and painting using the shape sponges.

Queen’s birthday – We have been celebrating the Queen’s birthday in style! We have made union jack flags, made cupcakes, and dressed up like Queens and Kings.

Chicks – We are proud parents to 10 chicks the most we have ever had! The preschool have been caring for them and they are growing really quickly. Their names are Chickadee, Pecky, Dave, Steve, Tracy, Dora, Chloe, Fluffy, Tim and Spiderman.

27th June – 1st July – parent’s week, 6th July – Sports day, 13th July – Preschool prom and graduation

whats been happening at filton nursery