From visiting museums to going on walks and exploring sounds

The sun has started to shine and the weather is getting warmer – it won’t be long before summer is here!

Our children have been up to lots of exciting things during March and April, and we wanted to share the latest news from Abbeywood Tots with you. From visiting museums to going on walks and exploring sounds, they’ve been having a fantastic time! Read on to find out more.

King Street

The frogs enjoyed a trip to the M Shed museum on the harbourside to learn about old technology and the boats on the harbour – they even went to the top of an old double-decker bus! The babies also had fun reading the “Bear Hunt” story, acting out the different scenes and going on their own bear hunt which involved walking on grass, squelching mud in their toes, and hiding from the big bad bear!


The butterflies have been focusing on “Old McDonald had a farm”, exploring the different small world animals and books about animals, and having some fun making animal noises too. The frogs have been talking about healthy eating and foods that they like and do not like to eat, and the tadpoles have been reading the story “Whatever Next”, using cardboard boxes to make spaceships and acting out going to space. They also enjoyed pretending to be robots and talking like aliens too.

Station Road

The babies have enjoyed doing lots of sensory activities, such as exploring foam, sand, water, different foods and textures, and the frogs have enjoyed spending time with our new teacher David and learning about numbers, letters and shapes. The tadpoles have also been enjoying the nice weather by going out on walks, where they have fed the ducks, looked at trains and found objects to bring back to the nursery.


The butterflies have been exploring sounds, using musical instruments and metal objects, and have enjoyed dancing and clapping their hands to the music. The frogs have also been learning what changes happen at springtime to help them develop their understanding of the world, and the tadpoles have been learning the Gruffalo story and even made their very own Gruffalo too.

As the weather can be quite changeable at the moment (one minute it’s raining and the next minute the sun is coming out), please can parents and carers ensure that their children come to nursery prepared for all types of weather. This will make sure that they are nice and warm or protected from the sun, and are able to enjoy the outdoors every day.

We are also really interested to know what you are doing outside of nursery. In addition, we would love to hear if you have been on any nice walks recently as this helps the children to learn about the changing environment. If you’d like to get involved, please get in touch with your nursery team and send any photos over via email so we can talk about them during our group times and display them in our rooms. We look forward to hearing from you!