Abbeywood Tots Stoke Gifford Blog – May 2015


This week Frogs are doing a Superheroes topic. We have been creating our own superheroes, making name badges for them, designing and making costumes and creating superhero phone numbers for us to ring in an emergency.

We also enjoyed doing an experiment to see how we could rescue someone from Captain Freeze: the ‘baddy’ after he trapped them inside a block of ice.



This week Tadpoles have been learning about plants and flowers. They have been planting cress seeds and watching them grow and once they are ready we will be using our cress to make egg and cress sandwiches for our tea on Thursday.

We have also enjoyed a trip to our allotment to watch our newly planted vegetables grow and water them.






This week our babies have enjoyed reading the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. They have been making their own caterpillars using kitchen rolls and recycled materials. They have also enjoyed role playing with different foods in their role play kitchen and shop and getting messy with the paints when fruit printing.