Abbeywood Tots Stockwood October and November 2014

The butterflies have been getting stuck into sensory experiences this week and have been mark making in many different ways as some of our practitioners went on a creativity and mark making course and came back with some fantastic new and exciting ideas such as making playdough with chopped herbs in with the children. From this the children have also been making marks in paint using fresh herbs as tools making it a full sensory experience with smells at the same time as exploring new textures.

stockwood tadsstockwood pic 1

The tadpoles have been exploring which foods can be healthy and which ones aren’t through lot’s of cooking activities such as making soup and smoothies, this encouraged the tadpoles to make healthy choices about what was going into their cooking and talk about why they like/dislike it. We had a great day dressing up in our onesies on Friday to support cancer research and st. Peters hospice, thankyou to all who donated. The interest in food and healthy eating moved onto harvest and how this is done in different places around the world. The children looked at images of China, Holland, India and England and looked at the differences with the harvesting process. The tadpoles have been making autumnal pictures using vegetables, paint, conkers, leaves and twigs.

stockwood taps

The pre-school have been becoming very scientific, they have been making their own lava lamp bottles with water, oil and glitter to notice how the water and oil stay separate and a volcano using baking soda and vinegar. The pre-school children have also been singing and dancing along to ‘Heads, shoulders, knee’s and toes’ this week but in French and to a Carnival beat! The frogs recently had a pets day where we invited children to bring their small pets along, Celine brought us in her pet corn snake and guinea pigs to meet, the interest in animals came from an interest from our harvest festival celebrations, the children made their very own scarecrows, mini beasts and learned all about hibernation when Celine brought in her tortoise for the day.


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