Abbeywood Tots Stockwood Blog September 2014

Butterflies – The butterflies have been engrossed in mark making this week. The children made marks in a range of materials such as shaving foam, paint and porridge oats using their fingers, dried spaghetti and glue sticks. The children were fascinated by being able to use different coloured ice cubes to make marks onto our mark making table. The butterflies have also been experimenting with water by using it to make marks with paintbrushes, using spray bottles to spray it, emptying and filling containers with water, as well as splashing each other and the practitioners! The butterflies have been exploring their new motor skills board which has handles, springs, door locks and padlocks on to encourage the children to develop their fine motor skills such as gripping, twisting and pulling.

Tadpoles – The tadpoles have been experimenting how things fit into spaces. The children have been testing this by finding spaces that they can fit themselves into such as dens, cardboard boxes and tunnels. The tadpoles have been pouring soft coloured rice into different shaped and sized containers so that they could see recognise the different colours transferring from one container to another. Some of our tadpoles have been on forest discovery school this week and they explored the butterfly garden and made structures with wooden planks, the children also used their whole bodies to climb over tyres. Some of the tadpoles went on our zoo discovery school and had a great introductory week where they got to know all the animals and especially loved the monkeys!

Frogs – The frogs have been learning about different countries from around the world. The children learnt some French words with Celine such as ‘Bonjour’ and ‘Au revoir’ and some Dutch with Rasheda such as ‘Hallo’ and ‘Doi’, we then looked at where France and Holland are on the world map and explored lots of different kinds of maps. The frogs listened to familiar stories and songs in other languages and we even had one of our parents kindly come in and read us a story. The frogs have also been getting prepared for harvest by learning all about the harvest festival, how crops are harvested and singing harvest songs such as ‘Cauliflower fluffy’ and ‘Dingle dangle scarecrow’. The children have baked their own bread with our master baker Dawn, and have made their own vegetable soup to go with it! The frogs have also been on forest discovery school and zoo discovery school this week where they built structures with wooden planks and saw the monkeys!

August/september week 2014

As you can see our chickens have grown up a lot over the summer! We now have one hen and one cockerel. Please ask a member of staff if you would like to see them as they now live in our allotment garden.

general news stockwood 2

The children named the chickens  ‘Cyclops’ and ‘Batman’.


The butterflies have been practicing their physical skills with a yoga session. We had so much fun that we would like to invite our parents to join us on the 14th of October at 10am for a group yoga session, don’t forget loose, comfy clothing!

Our butterflies have also been testing out how locks move and doing lot’s of fiddly activities to perfect our fine motor skills. The butterflies have also been very interested in aeroplanes and watching them fly across the garden! We now have our own aeroplanes in the room and like to role play flying inside them.

The butterflies have been practicing their physical skills with a yoga session

Pre school

Our pre-school children are mixing their paint up in preparation for our ‘making fire safety signs’ activity.

The pre-school have also been dressing up in our fire fighters protective clothing that we have borrowed from our local fire station and have pretended to be fire fighters.
The children have also enjoyed making a garden in a bag where they pushed vegetables at very early stages of growth into a canvas bag to grow outwards. The soil surrounds a layer of stones which make sure that the water disperses evenly throughout the bag, this is similar to how some people grow vegetables in africa.

pre school blog stockwood 2


The tadpoles have been learning about different people and communities this month. We have been getting to know people who help us in our local community and finding out what they do to help us.

Our local fire station gave us lot’s of information about what the fire fighters do and how we can keep safe and fire savy. Here the tadpoles are learning the difference between safe and dangerous fires.
All this learning about people who help us made us interested in safety, so we went on a road safety walk to practice how to cross a zebra crossing safely, how to listen and look for traffic, and how to use traffic lights.
A lady from oral health showed us the best ways to brush our teeth and what happens if we don’t.
Andy the policeman let us pretend to drive his police car! He also let us wear his hat and showed us what he does to help keep us safe.

Our local fire station gave us lot’s of information about what the fire fighters do