Abbeywood Tots Stockwood January 2015

The butterflies are looking at the story of the gruffalo this week, focusing on the different animal characters in the book. We will be exploring the different sounds that animals make using ICT resources and visiting our chickens in the allotment. The butterflies have shown an interest in construction and have enjoyed building towers with wooden blocks, so we are going to try building with megablocks and duplo to see if we are able to connect the different kinds of bricks together. The butterflies are going to get messy and use different tools in paint such as paint rollers and wall paint brushes to see what different marks they make. Finally, we are going to look at the textures of different food items such as pasta, jelly and cornflakes.

The tadpoles are looking at all things frozen since the children have shown a huge fascination in the film. We will be looking at the true meaning of the word Frozen. We will be tasting and exploring different temperatures and textures and looking at the effects of how items change when frozen and melted by freezing and melting objects, making our own ice lollies, exploring frozen fruits and making our own winter pictures.

The frogs will be learning about the post office this week, the children have been showing a fascination with the theme therefore we have set up our own post office in our role play area. The frogs will be writing their own postcards and letters to post, exploring different types of post and sorting through the letters and packages. Throughout this week we will be reading ‘Postman Bear’ and learning to re-tell it together.