Abbeywood Tots Stockwood February March 2015


The butterflies have been using different tools for mark making, the children have used large and small paint brushes and used paint rollers to make marks into paint. The children made choices about the colours they made marks with and used critical thinking skills to decide and change how they wanted to make the marks using the tools. The butterflies have been exploring their new treasure baskets with metal, wooden, fabric and smelly items in them for them to explore using all of their senses. The butterflies have explored ice and water by tasting and mark making with ice cubes and exploring water outside in the trays and in the mud kitchen. Tadpoles The tadpoles have been learning all about dinosaurs, the children began to show this interest when reading ‘How to grow a dinosaur’ and began to act out as and talk about dinosaurs during free play sessions. The children used scissors, straws and paint to create dinosaur feet which they used to print onto paper. The children also used dinosaur figures to stomp into paint and onto paper. The children talked about how some marks were big and some were little. The children explored a dinosaur valley which was made out of broccoli (as the tree’s), oats (as the rocks), hair conditioner (as the river) and the children used play dough, dinosaur figures and spaghetti straws to explore it. The children were fascinated by this activity so we decided to show our parents what we did at our parent’s information evening. The children engaged in two weeks of dance sessions around the dinosaur theme with our diddy dance co-ordinator, the children stomped around like dinosaurs to music.

stw painting


The tadpoles had recently moved on from a fascination about ice and all things frozen, so we decided to freeze dinosaur figures and try to excavate them from the ice! The tadpoles are coming to the end of our zoology discovery school course now from which they have now learned about all of the animal groups, the highlights were feeding the lorikeets and our matching lotto game to get used to the zoo surroundings.

dinosaur pic stw



The pre-school children have been exploring the story of the rainbow fish. The children read the story with an adult and then re-told the story using flash cards from the story, the children also watched a clip on the computer that was a mixed animation version of the story. The rainbow fish story shows us why it is good to share what we have with others and to make kind choices. The children talked about this whilst tying netting onto our ‘caring tree’. The children made individual rainbow fish using collage materials and glue spreaders and made a large group fish that everyone contributed towards to add to our rainbow fish display. The frogs enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year by creating their own lanterns and looking at clips of Chinese New Year celebrations. The frogs are now practicing for the diddy dance Easter bunny parade in March during their weekly sessions with Jodie, our diddy dance co-ordinator. All of the frogs would like to thank the parents for bringing in all the milk bottles for our igloo, it looks fantastic and is almost finished!

igloo pic