Abbeywood Tots Stockwood April

Blogs – Butterflies – April 2015

The butterflies are all very interested in tasting and feeling using our mouths! Some of our butterflies are just being introduced to foods and so is finding this very new and exciting and has enjoyed trying fruit and salad sticks to taste and explore using their gums! Some of our other butterflies are enjoying new found physical skills and are able to access materials easier and is finding it very interesting to explore inside trays that are higher up and explore the chairs in the role play area. The children have been using the motor skills board much more and specifically enjoy flicking the door stopper back so that it makes a loud vibration and a ‘wobble’ sound. The butterflies have been exploring scented water, dried oats and cereals as well as animals in mark making materials such as flour and paint. The children have been particularly interested in the smelly bottles and the small frosted lights, hiding them under sheets of coloured see through materials and re-discovering them!



Blogs – Tadpoles – April 2015

The tadpoles had been showing an interest in foods, we wanted to see what the children liked and disliked as well as encouraging them to try new foods. The children enjoyed tasting mango’s, avocado’s and beetroot, many of the children compared the fruits to ones they were familiar with, ‘it’s not like apple’. The children used oranges, carrots and celery sticks to make marks in paint as well as using tea bags as paintbrushes which made a beautiful splattered effect. The children explored many sensory messy materials which they could use for emptying and filling. The materials were scented water, coloured water and scented rice such as strawberry flavouring and chocolate flavouring. The children have continued to be interested in emptying, filling and transferring and have been taking this is into the bug hunting area with the mud. The tadpoles are now showing an interest in differences and similarities amongst one another and this will be further explored next month.



Blogs – Frogs – April 2015

The frogs have been learning all about growing and life cycles and have been doing so alongside the story of ‘the hungry caterpillar’. The story has been explored using creative mark making resources, the laptop and story mapping. The children have planted cress seeds and have been taking care of them over time to see how they grow. The children have recently been given some tadpoles, the children have been mark making whilst looking at the tadpoles and looking for changes such as legs growing and getting bigger. The children will be observing how butterflies grow from larvae and will release the butterflies out into the garden when they are ready. The children will begin soon to talk about transitions to school and how babies grow into children and into adults, please ask a member of staff if you have any questions about the move to school. This month we have said goodbye to Neil and Leanne from Bristol Plays Music and Southern Link’s children’s centre as we finished our last music session. We learned a great deal about exploring sounds and being able to provide both free flow and structured sessions with music and instruments. We thank all the parents that came and all the professionals involved! Now the frogs will be practicing for their graduation performance on the 16th July with Jodie our Diddy Dance co-ordinator.