Abbeywood Tots Filton October September 2014

Baby Floor Blog.

This week the children have been learning about moving their whole bodies and playing games. The young babies have been doing some baby yoga and rolling balls. The other children have been in the front car park playing football, bat and ball and using the whole space to run around.

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Frogs Blog.

This week the frogs at Filton have been learning about Harvest and why it is important. They have been making scarecrows from paper plates and straws and also learning how to weave by using different sizes strips of paper. The frogs particularly enjoyed making their very own harvest bread with our chef Jon. They each had their own piece of dough and learnt how to plait the bread into a particular pattern. They all achieved this and after being baked in the oven they were able to take their piece of bread home to eat and share with their family. Finally by the end of our harvest week, we managed to collect lots of food from our parents who gave

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Tadpoles Blog.

This week we have been learning all about the harvest festival. We learnt about different animals, their habitats, the food they eat and we also sang songs about them. Our favourite was Old McDonald! We made our own bread and Wendy showed us how to plait them. This helped us to develop our fine motor skills. We used various vegetables to create pictures too. First we cut them into shapes using our metal cutters, and then we dipped them into paint and printed them onto some paper. On Friday we went outside to collect some leaves which we then used to brush paint over and create a leafy collage. This helped us to learn about different leaves and their amazing patterns! On Thursday we visited our forest school again. We found a new forest area to base our activities, so first we explored our base. One of the children described it as “very quiet”. This week we investigated the changes of our outdoor environment that autumn brings, we looked at the colours of the fallen leaves and noticed some fur cones on the ground which we counted and collected. We also noticed a few bugs hiding in the dark moist places.