Abbeywood Tots Filton January February 2015

Tadpoles Blog

This week we have been learning about the recent changes in the weather. We have been exploring the outdoor environment as some of us have noticed ice appearing in the nursery garden and on our parent’s cars. We’ve been investigating the sky and some clouds, we have started to notice the change in the clouds every day so we made pictures using paint for the sky and cotton wool for the clouds. We have also been learning about changes in the temperature and what we should be wearing outside. We learned that we need to wear warm clothes, hats, scarfs and gloves when playing outside to keep us warm.

We have also been pretending to be pirates! We have been making our pirate tools and equipment ready to head out to sea, we must be very prepared. This was fun because we could use our imagination to create what we think a pirate needs. Once we were ready we climbed onto our pirate ship in the garden and sang lots of songs whilst keeping a look out for the snappy crocodile. We learnt that we should never smile at a crocodile wither! We also developed our balancing skills by walking the plank.

tadpole blog

Frogs Blog.

This week the frogs have been pirates. We have had such a busy week with lots of pirate related activities. The children have made parrots, telescopes, a treasure chest and its treasure. On Thursday they dressed up as pirates and acted out the part. They also made bread and butter pudding with Jon and they took it home to share with their families. To see the outcome of our ‘Pirate week’ we have a display on show for parents/carers to see all of the children’s hard work.

frog floor blog

Baby Floor Blog

This week the children have been learning about how to make marks. We used sticks for painting and used cars to make lines in the shaving foam. The children really enjoyed these mark making activities.