Abbeywood Tots Blog Knowle October 2014


We are going to be focusing on harvest this week. We are looking forward to exploring in the nature garden as well as going on a sensory walk – we can’t wait to see what we find! We will also be planting seeds, as well as looking at different fruit and vegetables and using them to do some printing. If parents would like to bring in different fruits and vegetables for us to look at and use for printing that would be great!

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The Tadpoles this week will be focusing on measuring, numbers and grouping objects. We will be making graphs to measure objects and will also be doing some baking – we are going to measure ingredients all on our own! We would love you to measure objects at home with your child and bring in you findings to share with us at nursery!

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This week we are going to be focusing on being healthy! We will be talking about food that we like and dislike and also about food in large quantities are bad for us. We will also be talking about things that are good and bad for our teeth. We will be tasting different fruit and veg to see what we like best. During forest school we will be making a den and measuring tree trunks!

Pictures – Last week in forest school sessions we made scarecrows! We also planted some herbs


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September 2014


We have shown lots of interest in the garden and exploring the grass by picking it and using it in our play. This week we will be exploring the nature garden to look for leaves changing colour and falling from trees, along with conkers and pine cones. We will collect and use these for our activities such as leaf printing, making marks in play dough and sticky pictures to put on our autumn tree display. Parents can get involved at home by going on walks with your child and bringing in what you find.



This week we are focusing our activities around harvest. We will be planting some flowers over in our nature garden, we will also be making some mud pie hedgehogs. We will also be looking at colours and what happens when we mix colours together. We are also going to be doing fruit and veg printing.




This week we are focusing on harvest. We will be talking about machinery that farmers use such as tractors and be using junk modelling to make our own. We will look at where bread comes from and make our own bread. we will taste different fruits and vegetables from around the world and talk about which we like best. We are also planning to visit the local care home to sing our harvest songs to the elderly. During forest school sessions we will be working together to make a scarecrow using natural materials and we will be planting some new seeds and watching our fruit and vegetables grow.