Abbeywood Tots Blog Coniston  – October 2014

The Frogs’ theme was ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ we had lots of fun roleplaying ‘Going to the cinema’ Firstly we read a comic strip, talked about the story and then drew our own. We talked about the many things we could get at the cinema, Ice cream, Popcorn, Hot Dogs etc. and what we went to the cinema for. We scrunched paper up into little ball creating role-play popcorn. We drew our own cinema tickets. Used the camera to make our own film then turned the book snook into a cinema, for our own film premiere. To finish of the week we tasted different types of popcorn to see if we could taste the difference. We had toffee popcorn, sweet popcorn and salted popcorn. We only tried one of each, but the toffee was our favourite.


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The Tadpoles and Butterflies theme was ‘Construction and Measurements’ they had lots of fun making cement using sand, water and cornflour. Then using the cement and plastic bricks to build a wall. To explore measuring out ingredients we made flapjack, and finally we explored the story of The Three Little Pigs. We looked at all the different materials we could use to build a house and found that bricks were the strongest.



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September/0ctober 2014


We love that the sun is still shining as it allows us to be in the garden as much as possible. We have been using the footballs; kicking, throwing, catching and even balancing the ball on our heads! We’ve been having competitions to see who can kick the ball the furthest! When Ceri kicked the green ball, it sailed through the sky over the fence and onto the school field. Here is Pippa showing off all her skills when controlling the ball.

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We, (The Frogs) have been making a new puppet theatre, we love to use the puppets and really enjoy putting on shows. We found a box, and suggested that we make it into a Puppet theatre. An adult cut a hole in the box whilst we mixed up some paint, Larisa suggested that we made purple and green. Another adult helped us decide what colours made purple then we added water to mix the paint together. Once we had our gloopy paint, we used sponges to decorate the box. After a long time and a lot of hard work, we finally have a new puppet theatre. Can you see the concentration on Larisa’s face?!


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We, (The Tadpoles) have been focusing on our Listening skills. We used the nursery phone to ring the nursery mobile, which Ceri answered. We had to listen very carefully as Ceri said a word, we then had to repeat this word back to the group. Maxine jotted each word down and at the end, we asked Ceri into the room to see whether our words matched. They did! Well done everybody! Amongst other activities to help us develop our listening skills we made listening ears. They helped us hear better, (Don’t tell anyone, but they are ‘Super-Ears’) we went into the garden and listened really carefully to what sounds we could hear. We heard the birds, children playing in the school, we even heard a siren! Here is Tilly modelling her Super-Ears!

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We, (The Butterflies) have been learning all about animals. We have been exploring the sounds different animals make, we have been exploring the different places animals live and finally we have been making resources for our new animal display. We have been using paint, and adding different ingredients to change the texture. We added sand to yellow paint to make it rough, then used the picture as a beach on our display. Then we added glitter to blue and green paint, using the pictures as trees and the ocean. Our display is home to numerous animals, it takes you deep into the jungle. You meet a lion, elephant, zebra, monkey and an octopus in the ocean.


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